51st State Ideas – Doctrines for Action

What makes our 51st State Initiative unique is the gathering and curation of broad ranging, cutting edge thought leadership around the utility and DER market evolution. In 2016, SEPA convened a group of industry leaders and developed our “Blueprints” report, laying out four doctrines, including the following:

51st State Doctrines
51st State Doctrines

Considering The Role of The Utility

“The role of the utility, as a public service corporation, should be clearly defined so that all market participants have open access to enable customer options in a fair, transparent, and non-discriminatory manner.”

In order to foster creative and constructive dialogue, and provide the industry additional tools and guidance for their efforts at utility business model and rate reform, we invited electric power sector thought leaders and subject matter experts to share detailed perspectives on this doctrine.

We would like to share their insightful perspectives on the evolving “role of the utility” below.

If you would like to download all of the submissions, click here. If you would like to download the Summary of Submissions, click here.