Open Field Message Bus™ Working Group

Our Work

The Open Field Message Bus™ (OpenFMB™) Working Group brings IoT approaches and advanced interoperability to the power grid. It is a framework for distributed intelligent nodes interacting with each other through loosely coupled, peer -to-peer messaging for fielded devices and systems at the grid edge. It is simply the application of industrial internet technologies and techniques to enable the Smart Grid.
The OpenFMB™ framework provides a specification for power systems field devices to leverage a non-proprietary and standards-based reference architecture, which consists of internet protocol (IP) networking and Internet of Things (IoT) messaging protocols.
The framework supports Distributed Energy Resources that communicate based on a common schematic definition and then can process the data locally for action (control, reporting). OpenFMB™ supports field-based applications that enable:

  • Scalable peer-to-peer publish/subscribe architecture
  • Data-centric, rather than device-centric, communication including support for harmonized system and device data
  • Distributed operations augmenting centralized control

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Member Chair: Dr. Stuart Laval (Duke Energy)
Member Vice Chair: Dr. Robby Simpson (GE Grid Solutions)
Staff Lead: Aaron Smallwood (SEPA)
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