Energy IoT Task Force

A part of the SEPA cybersecurity working group to focus on mitigating cyber risks to energy IoT devices and to the smart grid

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  •  The Cybersecurity Controls to Mitigate Risks in Smart Grid – Energy IoT Interactions report
  • An addition to the SEPA Technical Reference Library
  • A webinar or blog to keep the conversation going around IoT and cybersecurity
  • Further blogs and webinars to support the publication of any additional guidance material

SEPA is launching a new Task Force to mitigate cyber risks to energy IoT devices and to the smart grid. Join this Task Force, a part of SEPA’s larger Cybersecurity Working Group, to help play a role in developing invaluable industry resources.

The task force will take four steps to address the risks factors and potential impacts to the Smart Grid from connected Energy IoT devices:

  1. Identify the major Cyber-attack vectors and vulnerabilities in connected Energy IoT devices
  2. Identify the major Cyber-attack vectors that could cause disruption to the Smart Grid from energy IoT devices
  3. Identify the Cybersecurity controls that are needed to prevent or mitigate each Cyber-attack vector:
    1. Cyber-attacks against individual Energy IoT devices or specific device types/manufacturers, etc.
    2. Cyber-attacks against entire cities or communities containing thousands or millions of Energy IoT devices (utility accessible)
  4. Prepare a matrix of Cybersecurity controls versus Cyber-attack vectors for both individually targeted devices and entire communities of en masse devices (Utility accessible). This matrix will be included in the deliverable and can be used as an engineering aid for Smart Grid designers and IoT developers.