Justification Kit

Here’s What is Inside to Convince Your Boss

The Clear Benefits: Justification Letter Template for Your Employer

To help explain to your supervisor the benefits of attending the 2019 Utility Conference, you can use this sample letter to include details about how your attendance can bring value back and boost efforts to accomplish company goals.

The Numbers: Utility Conference Fact Sheet

Get a quick and easy rundown on what makes the Utility Conference a unique training and career development opportunity for utilities. Whether you’re tackling electrified transportation, grid resilience, DER integration, regulatory innovation or new utility business models, the Utility Conference will give you the tools you need to be the hero for your utility and your customers.

What it Will Cost: Attendee Expense Sheet to Calculate Expenses

Before you are able to justify conference expenses, you’ll need to calculate what they may be. Use this Attendee Expense Sheet (pdf) to help estimate the cost of attending the conference.