Preliminary Agenda

The following preliminary program is subject to change. Additional content will be shared in December 2019, so please check back often.

2020 Themes

Carbon Reduction Strategies

Multi-stakeholder value propositions for utility-scale renewable investments

Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Revenue Opportunities for Utilities and DER integration

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  • Identify utility services for customer-controlled home energy solutions
  • SEPA’s preliminary microgrid design framework with illustrative examples
  • How to manage customer / third party microgrid development as a utility
  • DER management and effect on utility performance at the circuit level and more broadly (for example rural v. urban)

Utility Electric Vehicle (EV) Rates, Tariffs, and Incentives

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  • Residential EV time-varying rates to incentivize off-peak charging
  • Managed charging (V1G or smart charging)
  • Improving EV charging infrastructure processes


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Utility Business Models for Energy Storage

Grid and Distributed Scale Non-Wires Alternatives

Performance-Based Regulation

Engaging Stakeholders in Developing Utility Grid Modernization Plans

Integration of Customer Owned Grid-Edge Devices

Billing System of the Future to ‘for the Utility of the Future

Convince Your Boss
Make the approval process a breeze with this fact sheet and expense breakdown