SEPA’s Utility Conference Opening General Session

“How are your largest customers acquiring renewable energy? And, how can you get in the game?”

86% of the Fortune 500 now publishes an annual sustainability report. Those reports track progress on publicly stated environmental goals, and the goals at the top of most lists involve energy efficiency and renewables. In fact, almost every week there’s another article of another large company doing a solar or wind deal with a private developer — without their utility.

But many people are asking, “why?” Why are large companies taking matters into their own hands and going around their local utility to acquire renewable energy? Our panel of high-caliber experts will share their perspectives on this question during a conversation facilitated by Suzanne Shelton, CEO of Shelton Group. They’ll dig into what they want in a renewable energy deal, how they wish their utilities would work with them, and what it would take for a utility to do a successful renewable energy program with them.


 Suzanne Shelton

CEO, Shelton Group

Session Expert Panel

John DeAngelis

Energy Program Manager, SteelCase

Brian Janous

Director of Energy Strategy, Microsoft

Rose McKinney-James

Managing Principal, McKinney-James & Associates