SEPA Bootcamp

Hydrogen Fundamentals | 3-Part Course – On-Demand

November 7 - 9, 2023
2 - 4:20 pm EDT
Hydrogen Fundamentals | 3-Part Course – On-Demand

Hydrogen Fundamentals | 3-Part Course

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See what attendees of our recent bootcamps with Peter Kelly-Detwiler have to say:

“As a professional working in this area, I found this course to be of extraordinary value. Where else do you find such an amazing speaker as Peter, who is well-versed in all aspects of EV and Distributed Energy Resources? Peter is up to date with all the issues in this area.”
– Paula McGarrigle, President, and CEO, Solas Energy Consulting Canada

“…I wanted to express my gratitude for the bootcamp—I found it extremely valuable, and I really enjoyed learning from Peter. Thank you again!”

– Avery McEvoy, Senior Associate, Carbon-Free Electricity at RMI

A recent report from the Hydrogen Council identified projects with over $500 billion invested, including 131 large-scale projects announced between February and July 2021. Join SEPA and Peter Kelly-Detwiler for a deeper understanding of the key issues related to the emerging role of Hydrogen in the evolving energy economy.

Session 1 | The initial push for Hydrogen – Industrial, transportation, and long-term storage; the Chemistry (Advantages & Challenges); Technology, Costs, and Current Applications

Session 2 | Green Hydrogen from Creation to Consumption – Electrolyzer, Transportation, Storage Technologies, Costs, and Challenges); and Electric Power Grid Applications

Session 3 | Government Programs Driving Scale; Grid Applications Use Cases and Proposed Projects; and What to Watch for in the Coming Years.

Peter Kelly-Detwiler will answer:

  • What does Hydrogen mean for our clean energy transition?
  • What are the key technological hurdles, applications, and resulting economics – especially in the electric power grid?
  • Is the long-awaited hydrogen economy nearly here?

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