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What utilities need for full-scale EV deployment

Utilities are launching electric vehicle (EV) pilots and demonstration projects by the dozen. One factor of vehicle-grid integration (VGI), including managed charging and vehicle-to-everything, is required for long-term success – open communication protocols.

A communications protocol is analogous to a “language” whereby two entities speaking the same language can easily understand each other.

Standards-based communications protocols encourage innovation, enable economies of scale, and lower the cost of communication between different systems. Download this report for a four-step process that will help you choose the best protocol(s) to fit your VGI use case(s).

This paper was developed in partnership with QualityLogic, Inc. and Kitu Systems.

Guidelines for Selecting a Communications Protocol for Vehicle-Grid Integration

Key Insights

  • Identifying and selecting communication protocols is critical to scaling and unlocking the value of VGI
  • The need for interoperability standards increases with the number of devices and size of systems deployed
  • Four leading open communication protocols are available today that can be used to aggregate EV charging activities for managed charging and vehicle-to-everything

In the report:

  • An overview of interoperability standards and communication protocols and examples of EV communication mandates to date
  • An overview of today’s top three Vehicle-Grid Integration use cases.
  • An overview of EV stakeholders and a definition of communication architectures and messaging pathways.
  • Potential information exchange requirements to support use case messaging.
  • An overview of four common VGI protocols
  • Guidelines for selecting a messaging protocol.

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