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Fonteva Names SEPA 2017 Innovator in Association Management Software Use

SEPA media contact: K Kaufmann, [email protected], 202.494.4386

WASHINGTON, DC — For the second year in a row, the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) has received Fonteva Inc.’s Innovator Award for creative use of the company’s Association Management Software (AMS) system.

The educational nonprofit received the award at the annual Fonteva Users Network Conference (FUNCon) Oct. 20 in Arlington, Virginia. The Innovation Award is given to Fonteva customers who leverage the AMS system in new and transformative ways to advance their mission, and also share their work with other Fonteva users.

“This second Fonteva Innovator Award is an affirmation not only of how SEPA currently uses these tools, but as a recognition of how far we have come,” said Frank Grace, Director of Information Management at SEPA and the mastermind behind 17 months of pre-rollout work and monthly tweaks to the AMS system. “While most associations have an AMS system to manage their products and services, it’s uncommon for an organization of SEPA’s size – less than 50 employees – to invest already stretched resources into a new platform that ultimately disrupted the entire organizational structure, and without a guarantee of success.”

With Fonteva’s help, SEPA transitioned from a rigid legacy AMS system that less than 20 percent of staff used, to adopting Fonteva’s flexible, cloud-based solutions across the organization. Fonteva is now integrated into the daily activities of marketing, eCommerce, mobile apps, and events. Every department has been affected, from publications and research, to advisory services, membership and sponsorship — all of which influence each other.

SEPA is now able to configure its database, integrate third-party tools and automate routine manual processes – such as membership renewal – as well as define and measure goals for growth. Real-time, user-friendly reports and dashboards show every employee SEPA’s performance. Whether tracking conference registrants or report downloads, these tools allow SEPA a 360-degree view of whether our efforts are resonating with members and prospects, almost immediately.

“The Smart Electric Power Alliance is in an organization on the leading edge of emerging technology in our society, and they have been innovators in their use of the Fonteva Platform,” said Paul Lundy, President of Fonteva. “Our partnership with SEPA has enabled us to better understand and develop functionality required for an innovative organization like SEPA to serve their members and stay a step ahead of member expectations. Using our functionality, they are able to deliver a unique experience to every member who engages with them. And their culture of innovation and performance within their own office by displaying their KPI dashboards right in their lobby for all visitors to see is truly remarkable.”

“Much like the transition occurring in the energy industry today, which is pushing utilities to re-evaluate legacy business models and processes, SEPA recognized a need to rethink how our organization works to best serve its members and mission,” said President and CEO Julia Hamm. “We are leading by example, embracing new technologies and innovations in both operational and organizational models.”