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Reflections from the Front Lines: An Homage to Doctor Seuss

A battle is waging in the desert southwest,
The topic of which has folks somewhat stressed.
Net metering’s the topic (which you probably guessed).

The electric utility has predicted dire straits
From cross-subsidies embedded within retail rates.

The solar community stands up in alarm
And declares that truly there has been no harm
(with ads from both sides that at times have lacked charm).

What will happen today as the positions unravel?
Will there be resolution at the sound of the gavel?

With statements and emotions at times vitriolic
We stand by and monitor (somewhat melancholic)
Wishing the proceeding became more bucolic.

In closing, the purpose of this Seussian missive
Is to beg that the parties become less derisive.
For tomorrow’s a new day – we can only surmise
That like the Phoenix of legend the sun will still rise.
And all parties to which this debate has comprised
May someday too begin to surmise
That the battle’s not lost when we all compromise
(less has been done for the Nobel Peace Prize).

One observer’s reaction to a day of testimony on the net energy meeting hearing at the Arizona Corporate Commission, November 13, 2013.