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SGIP White Paper Addresses Protecting Smart Grids from Electromagnetic Phenomena

Readers will learn about different threats against grid reliability and how to test for them

Wakefield, Mass., Feb. 21, 2017 – SGIP today announced the publication of a new white paper addressing the performance of smart grid devices near power lines, where electromagnetic (EM) phenomena could threaten grid reliability. Manufacturers of smart grid devices, along with EMC test labs, power utilities and more can benefit from this free resource.

The Evaluation of the Electromagnetic Phenomena Issues on Smart Grid Reliability white paper was developed by the Electromagnetic Interoperability Issues Working Group (EMIIWG), an SGIP committee. Readers will have a better understanding of the EM environment where smart grid devices operate, tests to determine the immunity of those devices to EM phenomena and sources of further information on testing.

“Electromagnetic environments and their impacts on smart grid devices is a complex issue but important to understand,” said Aaron Smallwood, Vice President Technology at SGIP.

The devices addressed by the white paper monitor and control power flow, and they send control information bi-directionally to perform smart grid functions.

“For a smart grid to endure electromagnetic phenomena, devices must not only survive events but also continue performing their intended functions,” said Donald Heirman, Chair of the EMIIWG. “Our working group spent many months crafting this white paper to provide clear and credible direction for protecting our energy.”

To download the white paper from SGIP, click here.

To view a free SGIP webinar on the topic of smart grids and electromagnetic phenomena, click here.

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