Crowd-sourcing: Understanding Community Choice Aggregation
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Crowd-sourcing: Understanding Community Choice Aggregation

This is the first in our new Customer Choice webinar series.

Customers are taking their energy use into their own hands. When utilities don’t provide the renewable energy options that customers want, some are now taking matters into their own hands and pooling community members to be able to purchase the power they want at a discounted rate. Customers across seven states have joined community choice aggregation (CCA) programs as a way to have more involvement in determining their community’s renewable energy consumption. To even better understand why these programs are so appealing to some customers, SEPA will feature an in-depth look at two community choice programs – Valley Clean Energy and Redwood Coast Clean Energy.

But possibly more important, how are CCAs changing the existing framework? What are the nationwide trends? Experts that are partnering and working with CCAs in California and Illinois will answer these questions to provide a detailed picture of CCAs.

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