Cyber-Physical Resiliency Webinar
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Cyber-Physical Resiliency Webinar

Cyber-Physical Resiliency will be discussed in this webinar as applied to the Electrical Smart Grid and Grid Modernization architecting, design, securing, and operational work functions. Cyber-Physical Resiliency topics will include:

• Resiliency and related Definitions along with business drivers for building in Resiliency
• Examples from the Resiliency subgroup’s catalog/repository selections of published best practices including: resource, guidance, and training
• Requests for feedback on preferred format of deliverables, collaboration and participation. Please join the team!

Note: Definitions taken from the Presidential Policy Directive 21 — Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience.


Suzanne Lightman, Senior Information Security Adviser, NIST
Ron Cunningham, IT Enterprise Architect, AEP
Elizabeth Sisley, Ph.D., Founder/CEO, Calm Sunrise Consulting, LLC

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