Decentralizing Grid Services – Taking DERs Beyond Energy & Capacity
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Decentralizing Grid Services – Taking DERs Beyond Energy & Capacity

Join SEPA for a presentation and candid discussion of using distributed energy resources (DER) for traditional reliability applications. What is the current and future potential of distributed solutions, and what is their value to the utility?

SEPA will debut new research from the forthcoming “ Distributed Energy Resource Capabilities Guide” that explores potential applications for DERs in providing energy, capacity and ancillary services.

The presentation will be followed by a candid discussion with an expert panel who will share their approaches to DERs, how they are being used to meet current needs, and where DERs will provide additional support in the future.

Audience will learn:
– The opportunities for technologies to provide grid support in areas including energy, capacity, voltage and frequency regulation, and balancing
– The role of DERs in resource planning
– How the customer is contributing to the distributed grid and how that role is evolving with advancements in technology

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