Delivering C&I Energy Services Via A Capabilities-Driven Strategy
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Delivering C&I Energy Services Via A Capabilities-Driven Strategy

The demand for corporate renewable energy is increasing, as evidenced by PwC’s recent corporate renewable energy procurement survey. Likewise, the market for integrated C&I energy services is on the rise. While cost reduction seems to be the primary driver, C&I customers are adopting renewables to accomplish additional goals, such as those around sustainability, reliability, and environmental enhancements.

As more solution providers enter the market with a variety of bundled C&I energy service offerings, many challenges remain. Perhaps the largest question looming over the industry concerns how to balance competing customer needs while successfully delivering C&I services. The answer? Among other things, it likely involves the development of a capabilities-driven strategy.

Join SEPA, PwC, and leaders at the forefront of building these new businesses for a candid discussion about the market and how a capabilities-driven strategy can facilitate delivery of integrated C&I energy services.

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