Fresh Solutions for Low-Income and Historically Underserved Customers
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Fresh Solutions for Low-Income and Historically Underserved Customers

Utilities are increasingly faced with a tough challenge. They must juggle meeting regulatory mandates and changing needs of customers while maintaining reliability and meeting financial goals. But all of the solar panels, batteries, electric vehicles, and other green-options are being added to the grid aren’t necessarily being distributed equally. How do utilities make sure that low-income, disadvantaged and historically underserved customers have access to renewable energy resources and are not left out in the cold?

During this webinar, our panel of experts will cover the challenges and solutions associated with procuring and launching an EV program for an LMI Community; a new and innovative solar program targeted to limited income customers which is leading the effort in expanding solar across Arizona, and experience developing and subscribing a large-scale low-to-moderate income community solar project in Colorado from a cooperatives perspective.

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