Lessons from the SEPA Fact Finding Mission to Germany 2012
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Lessons from the SEPA Fact Finding Mission to Germany 2012

Join us to discuss the many challenges to renewable energy policies, deployment and integration that were revealed on SEPA’s recent Renewable Energy Integration Fact Finding Mission to Germany in June 2012.

SEPA staff and utility delegates who explored Germany?s advanced market will lay out the questions, describe the challenges, and discuss some of the solutions being considered.German policies have spurred great domestic renewable energy market growth, and the corresponding deployment of renewable energy resources has resulted in an electric utility system that is heavily saturated by intermittent energy sources, including solar. Utility and solar market stakeholders with an eye to the future will find this webinar most interesting and should join us to learn not just lessons from the mission but what new questions need to be asked and addressed as the world moves increasingly to a clean energy future.

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