The Value of Dispatchability: Unleashing Grid Flexible Solar
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The Value of Dispatchability: Unleashing Grid Flexible Solar

Unleashing the Full Potential of Solar

Investigate a real-world example of how solar can be an asset to the power grid by contributing flexibility that help keeps the system balanced. Our speakers will share highlights and impacts from a report by Tampa Electric Company (TECO), First Solar and E3 that models dispatching utility-scale solar resources in a similar manner as conventional units. This webinar will explore TECO’s vision for utility-scale solar, how these projects address regulatory hurdles for cost recovery, and the thinking behind their desire to leverage solar as a dispatchable resource. In addition, our panel of experts will also share how to leverage these capabilities in future procurement processes, and how different contract structures and business models best position utility-scale solar to act in a dispatchable manner.

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