Changing Ownership of Distributed Photovoltaics

Changing Ownership of Distributed Photovoltaics

  • Overview of three distributed solar ownership models
  • Ownership and metering challenges for various stakeholders
  • Potential impact of future PV costs and markets


Solar PV System Ownership Progression

Within the distributed solar market, three ownership models have emerged: customer-owned, solar industry-owned, and utility-owned. The changing ownership models have been essential to the growth and development of the PV market, especially in light of high upfront costs and fluctuating incentive levels. Through 2006, nearly all distributed PV projects were customer-owned. Although the market grew, its appetite was largely limited to early adopters who were willing to manage the upfront costs and long-term operational risks.

What’s in the Report?

This report provides an overview of PV ownership changes and stakeholder impacts. It also compares and contrasts different ownership models, including perspectives of other non-owning parties.