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Utilities and the Duty of Social Equity

NFI Industries is a freight transit company with a special relationship to the Los Angeles area – most of their west coast activity is concentrated in the region. Like many of their peers, NFI facility locations and freight transit routes pass through impoverished and disadvantaged communities with large minority populations. As a result of these […]

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Previewing the 2022 Utility Transformation Survey

More than 100 utilities of all types, sizes and locations participated in the first SEPA Utility Transformation Survey in 2020. The survey is a key component of the SEPA Utility Transformation Challenge, a comprehensive and objective assessment of U.S. electric utilities’ progress towards a carbon-free energy system. Based on analysis of those survey responses, SEPA […]

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SEPA staff go up on the roof: Solar transformation in East Baltimore

SEPA staff recently donned hard hats and harnesses and clambered up a two-story high ladder to help GRID Alternatives install solar panels on the roofs of two low-income homes in Baltimore. Along with some hands-on experience in the nuts and bolts of solar, the staffers also heard compelling stories about its power to transform lives.

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Making the elephant fly: Integrating distributed energy resources onto the grid in Hawaii

Hawaii doesn’t have a duck curve, says Dora Nakafuji of Hawaiian Electric Company. The state’s electric load curve is part elephant, part Loch Ness Monster — and Nakafuji has been instrumental in developing the tools, analysis and changes in utility organizational culture that are needed to integrate distributed energy resources onto the grid and make this mythical beast fly.

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Beyond technology: Why the energy transition needs social science

The energy transition currently underway in this country and around the world involves two different, but interrelated forces — technological change and social change. Guest blogger Jennie C. Stephens, a professor at the University of Vermont, argues that more attention needs to be paid to the social side of the equation.

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Utility Wargaming – Preparing for the Unexpected

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson, former heavy-weight champion “It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will […]

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Solar on Every Home? NREL outlines pathways to ultra low-cost residential solar

Editor’s note: In May of this year, California mandated that, beginning in 2020, rooftop solar would be required on all new residential construction in the state. Reactions to the news were mixed, but most agreed that making solar a standard for new housing could provide huge economies of scale and help revive the state’s flagging […]

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Utilities as first responders: How they’re planning for a more resilient grid in 2019

2017 and ‘18 were the years that the role of electric utilities as first responders — keeping the lights on and restoring power in the wake of fire, floods and hurricanes — came into increasingly sharp focus. At the same time, after every extreme weather event, discussions about resilience intensified. The key question: How can […]

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Utility in Transition: What We Saw Inside APS

Walking into the combustion turbine area at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generation facility, I adjusted my goggles, pushed my earplugs in a little further, and was immediately engulfed by hot air, every bone in my body vibrating from the sheer power of this machine. Clearly, my visit to Arizona Public Service (APS) was going to […]

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