Kick Start Your Utility Partnerships

May 2 – 4, 2022 | Portland, OR

Utilities attend this event for two reasons: they know the solutions providers they meet are interested in more than a sale and this is the premier opportunity to learn from the successes and challenges of other utilities’ decarbonization efforts. That’s what makes this event a “can’t miss” for solution providers. View the conference.

Energy Hub’s Experience at Utility Conference 

Lead Opportunities with 300+ Attendees, No Hard Sell Needed

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Utility Conference Experience

  • Big Ideas Over Big Checks
  • Almost Exclusive Access To a Virtual Room Full Of Utilities
  • Custom Session to Demonstrate Your Organization's Solutions
  • Engaged Utilities That Want To Hear From You
  • Run By An Organization That Wants to Create Long Term Relationships

The “Other” Conference Experience

– A “Nickel & Dime You” Experience
– Room Full Of Competitors and Non-Utilities
– Sessions Filled with Sales Pitches
– Zoned out participants
– Few Measurable Results

Past Utility Attendees

You’ll find forward thinking and empowered utilities team members come to SEPA. 68% are a manager or above and all are interested in solutions for distributed energy challenges.