51st State Next Steps

It’s time for the visions of the 51st State you created to become a reality by implementing your creative ideas.

A Journey Across The 51st State

Highlights and Insights from SEPA’s Initiative on the Future of the Electric Power Sector

Understanding and Evaluating Potential Models for the Future Electric Power Utility

Key Insights from SEPA’s 51st State Initiative
Phase III Summary Report

What’s Next?


It started with a challenge

Shake off today’s reality, peer into the future, and reinvent the business of electricity. You answered that call. Through the 51st State Initiative, your bold, novel visions of the energy future flourished. Now it’s time for these visions to become reality.

The wider SEPA community is rolling up its sleeves and ready to work.

Starting today, our community is picking up where the 51st state left off – going out into the real world to implement your ideas in places like Washington, DC and Puerto Rico, and researching new ideas and solutions through our utility business models and regulatory innovation pathways.