Emerging energy technologies are required to play a critical role in a fully decarbonized electric power system.

Emerging Technology Innovations
& Evaluations for the Future of Energy

These technologies span nearly all power system sectors and applications and include the advanced analytic techniques needed to make the best use of ever-expanding data sets. To bridge the divide between today and future systems, these technologies will need to be identified, studied, piloted, funded, and deployed at scale for the energy we use to truly be carbon-free.

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Insight brief key takeaways:

  • Critical Role of Information and Education: The success of VPPs is closely tied to the ability of utilities, grid operators, and technology providers to effectively inform, educate, and motivate customers about VPP participation and its benefits.
  • Transition Toward Customer Engagement: A shift toward a more interactive and participatory role for customers with their electric utilities is essential for VPP adoption and success.
  • Inclusive and Equitable Strategies: Developing targeted programs and incentives, especially for underserved communities, is critical for creating a resilient and equitable energy ecosystem with VPPs.
  • Dual Benefits of VPPs: VPPs empower customers to address environmental concerns while improving their relationship and perception of their electricity providers.
  • Importance of Effective Communication: Developing tailored communication strategies for different customer segments is crucial in ensuring that customers fully understand how to participate in and benefit from VPPs.

Plugging In: How Customer Engagement Powers the Potential of VPPs

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The U.S. electric power system must undergo a massive transformation in order for our country to realize a carbon-free energy future. Decarbonizing the system will require the accelerated development and adoption of emerging energy technologies across a wide range of applications.

Industry stakeholders are increasingly focused on emerging technologies as they prepare for a decarbonized power system. SEPA members have taken leading roles in adopting green hydrogen, long-duration energy storage, and other emerging clean, firm generation resources that provide year-round capacity at scale.

Transformation requires the integration of clean energy resources in ways that balance principles of grid security, flexibility, reliability, and resilience. SEPA and its members have recently investigated grid technologies including advanced distribution management (ADMS), distributed energy resources management systems (DERMS), and virtual power plants (VPPs).

SEPA is not new to emerging technologies but we now recognize the need to establish a separate focus area for providing research, technical analysis, strategic guidance, general best practices, and stakeholder-specific recommendations.

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