Technical Reference Library

The Technical Reference Library collects and organizes resources vetted by industry experts related to the development of a secure and interoperable modern grid.

Smart Grid Ontology

The industry often uses multiple terms for the same concept, confusing even seasoned experts. Your solution: An ontology tool with a set of definitions to get everyone on the same page using the same language. Save time, money and improve decision making.

Catalog of Cyber-Physical Resiliency Best Practices

This catalog compiles and associates individual resources with best practices for maintaining and enhancing the resiliency of a Smart Grid to reduce problems and cope with them when under stress.

Distributed Energy Resource Management System Requirements

This project frames requirements for future grid control and operational technologies needed to manage distributed energy resources

Catalog of Standards

This catalog is a compendium of standards and practices relevant to the development and deployment of a robust, interoperable, and secure Modern/Smart Grid

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Assessment, Testing and Mitigation

A collection of resources focused on enhancing the immunity of Smart Grid devices and systems to the detrimental effects of natural and manmade electromagnetic interference.