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You work in a high-stakes industry that’s changing quickly towards carbon-free technology. The uncertainties and complexities are why you need a trusted resource.

Meet the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) – your trusted guide.

Since 1992, we have led electric stakeholders to solutions and strategies for their unique clean and modern energy challenges. This is why we’ve provided three pathways with the tools and resources you need to move forward.

Regulatory and Business Innovation

Utilities are integral to the energy system of the future.

Regulatory innovation is necessary to enable scalable deployment of clean energy technologies.

Together, utilities and regulators ensure equitable and affordable access for all customers to the benefits of new technologies and service offerings.

Grid Integration

Reducing the friction points in grid modernization will accelerate clean energy.

Creating a roadmap and plan is the starting point for achieving carbon reduction goals.

This happens through standards, process and framework development and implementation throughout planning, operations and programs.

Education, collaboration and sharing of best practices is needed to address utilities’ vastly different levels of readiness.


Electrification is essential for achieving carbon reduction goals.

Electrification is the opportunity of the century for utilities. Start preparing now.

Building electrification, EV adoption and Vehicle Grid Integration (VGI) support clean energy deployment.

Accelerating Utility Transformation to a Carbon-Free, Modern Grid

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