Policy plays a crucial role in shaping the direction and pace of the clean energy transition through supportive federal and state legislation and regulations.

Supportive Policies & Regulations are a Catalyst for Accelerating Carbon-Reduction

Governments must continue to work together, and with the various stakeholders across the energy ecosystem, to set and achieve carbon reduction goals. Business models and regulatory frameworks, along with the underpinning policies, must evolve to further embrace innovation that is needed to reach a sustainable future.


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The diverse landscape of policies, regulations, and clean energy priorities can make it difficult to uncover innovative and pragmatic solutions. Additionally, utilities, regulators, and policymakers continue to face workforce challenges in this critical hyper-learning environment to accelerate the needed changes for the electric industry. Communities and industry stakeholders understand the need to reform current practices and desire to see progress. Supportive policies and regulations can be a catalyst for advancing clean energy solutions nationwide.

SEPA works across the country to help utilities, corporate leaders, regulators, policymakers, community members, and other stakeholders navigate policy hurdles by facilitating industry stakeholder engagement, creating spaces for collaboration, and disseminating research. Bridging the gaps between utilities and industry stakeholders, shared learnings can help inform policymakers, regulators, and utility decision makers about emerging solutions to consider for their clean energy plans.

SEPA’s focus on Policy seeks to educate and inform decision makers about:

  • Carbon reduction strategies and plans
  • Innovative solutions for market mechanism and utility business models
  • Collaborative stakeholder engagement and facilitation

By providing the knowledge and tools to policy decision makers, SEPA’s non-lobbying advocacy helps to support favorable outcomes that can expedite the clean energy transition.

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