Energy Equity & Inclusion

The energy system of the future must deploy energy responsibly, reliably and equitably. To achieve this vision, we must collectively redefine our metrics for success, placing a strong emphasis on inclusive decision-making, accessibility, transparency, and affordability.

To bridge the divide between the energy system of today and the energy system of the future, SEPA is focused on:

  • Developing strategies to bridge the gap between utilities and regulators and the communities they serve.
  • Working with utilities and regulators to develop inclusive and accessible programs, business models, and processes.
  • Leveraging clean energy projects and technologies as vehicles to create regenerative economic opportunities
  • Convening stakeholders to develop and share best practices.

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What is Energy Equity?

Energy equity is about ensuring that the benefits and burdens of energy policies, programs, and technologies are fairly distributed and that the processes used to develop and implement them are inclusive and accessible. Striving for equity in the energy system also includes addressing past harms and injustices and proactively working to prevent future ones.

How can you get involved?

Join the Working Groups

The Working Group online community is a virtual space to pressure-test and collaborate with peers. The Customer Programs Working Group and the Inclusive Utility Investment Taskforce examine options based on your community goals.

Reach out for Partnership Options

SEPA seeks to partner with its members, community-based organizations, government agencies, and more to amplify the efforts and to assist in the research and development of programs.