Industry Recognition

Our organization has been recognized consistently as a top-notch, non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of a carbon-free energy system by 2050.

2019 Platinum Non-Profit of The Year

This award exemplifies our dedication to increasing the positive impact that
cleantech has on the global economy. We’re proud to be recognized for our achievements
creating life (and planet) changing solutions while simultaneously running a successful

Top 10 Solar Blogs in 2019

The Smart Electric Power Alliance, also known as SEPA, ended up on a sixth place with an overall score of 423 out of 600. The Smart Electric Power Alliance, also known as SEPA, is a non-profit organization which envisions a carbon-free world by 2050.

Keystone Policy Center’s 2016 Leadership in Energy Award

Since 1994, Keystone Policy Center has proudly honored exemplary leaders and decision-makers who embody its mission in action. Honorees are selected for their leadership, vision, outstanding problem-solving skills, and efforts to seek collaborative solutions to challenging issues.

DCA Live's 2019 Red Hot Non-Profits and Associations

Since 2014, DCA Live has recognized the fastest-growing companies and most dynamic professionals in the Washington, DC region’s legal, association & non-profit, entrepreneur, federal tech, real estate and corporate communities.

Our Award-Winning Trade Show

Solar Power International, a part of North America Smart Energy Week.