Past SGIP Awards

David Forfia, Sharon Allan, Andy Paylan, John Bubb


Southern California Edison (SCE)

The SGIP 2016 President’s Award was given to Southern California Edison (SCE) for their leadership and collaboration in driving requirements to IT/OT systems as a result of high penetration distributed energy resources (DER).

One of the biggest challenges is unlocking the tremendous potential that technologies such as rooftop solar, on-site energy storage, electric vehicles, and energy management systems can provide to the local power grid while maintaining grid reliability and safety standards. To meet these challenges, SCE originated the idea of the Grid Management group which was launched in February, 2016 and is facilitated by SGIP.  This working group seeks to bring together grid operations technology and business leaders from utilities to discuss key operational concepts/capabilities and architecture principles relating to future Grid Control, as well as operational technologies needed to manage a more complex grid due to the rapid rise of DERs.

The award was presented by David Forfia, SGIP Board Chair and Sharon Allan, President and CEO, SGIP at SGIP’s 2016 Grid Modernization Summit. The SGIP 2016 President’s Award for Leadership and Collaboration was accepted by Andy Paylan, Manager, Advanced Technology, Distribution Analytics & Controls and John Bubb, Principal Manager – Smart Meter Operations, Development & Quality at SCE.

Dr. Stuart Laval, Duke Energy


This award is named in honor of Erich Gunther for his outstanding contributions to SGIP and to the industry at large. The Erich Gunther Most Committed Interoperability Ambassador award goes to the SGIP player who has shown extraordinary dedication to development of interoperability standards and protocols. You’ll find this member is a strong contributor to SGIP committees and a vocal champion of such standards at industry meetings and conferences.

Ron Cunningham, AEP


This member may be a thought leader at meeting and conferences and an ardent follower of grid modernization efforts underway. He or she demonstrates commitment to collaboration by sharing knowledge, teaming up on projects and connecting other members who can benefit by meeting.

Shay Bahramirad, ComEd, Sharon Allan, David Forfia

ComEd for their Hosting Capacity Analytic Tool

Whether it’s a way of mitigating voltage excursions from high penetrations of solar, analyzing data from newly installed sensors, extending automation technology beyond the substation or any other very specific grid-modernization project, this award celebrates smart engineering. Nominations for this award should cover the challenge faced, the solution details and benefits that accrued.

Duke Energy, David Lawrence, Dr. Stuart Laval, Dwayne Bradley with David Fortia

Duke Energy for their Coalition of the Willing Project

This award goes to the member company who is actively demonstrating the benefits of interoperability through an in-house initiative or engagement with another organization. The comprehensive project in question typifies grid modernization by including technology from multiple vendors or system.