Electric Utility Industry – Solar Rankings

The Best in Utility-Scale Solar

Every year, we utilized the data provided by the electrical utility industry for our annual Utility Solar Market Snapshot. We also identify the top 10 utility companies that are excelling in utility-scale solar and smart energy operations.

2015 Winners

Top 10 Watts per Customer for 2015
1Village of Minster, Ohio
2,104 W/C1 System
2Dominion North Carolina Power1,946 W/C45 Systems
3City of Palo Alto Utilities1,846 W/C861 Systems
4Carey Municipal Power & Light1,351 W/C1 System
5Guam Power Authority661 W/C565 Systems
6Roseville Electric Utility629 W/C709 Systems
7Kauai Island Utility Cooperative591 W/C802 Systems
8City of Okolona, Mississippi Electric Dep.495 W/C3 Systems
9Maui Electric386 W/C2,149 Systems
10Duke Energy Progress354 W/C664 Systems
W/C = Watts per customer
Top 10 Annual Megawatts for 2015
1Southern California Edison
1,258 MW68,189 Systems
2Pacific Gas & Electric Company787 MW56,649 Systems
3Duke Energy Progress461 MW664 Systems
4San Diego Gas & Electric441 MW27,236 Systems
5Los Angeles Department of Water and Power247 MW5,083 Systems
6Dominion North Carolina Power232 MW45 Systems
7NV Energy224 MW12,099 Systems
8Rocky Mountain Power194 MW3,181 Systems
9Georgia Power Company189 MW218 Systems
10National Grid - Massachusetts154 MW12,192 Systems
MW = Megawatt

2014 Winners

Top 10 Watts per Customer for 2014
1Pickwick Electric Co-op (TN)
1679 W/CCo-op
2Farmers Electric Coop - (IA)1158 W/CCo-op
3City of St. George Energy Services Department (UT)751 W/CPublic
4Kauai Island Utility Co-op (HI)503 W/CCo-op
5San Diego Gas & Electric Company (CA)307 W/CIOU
6Pacific Gas and Electric Company (CA)281 W/CIOU
7Southern California Edison (CA)211 W/CIOU
8Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. (HI)192 W/CIOU
9Maui Electric Company Ltd (HI)191 W/CIOU
10Tucson Electric Power Company (AZ)178 W/CIOU
W/C = Watts per customer
Top 10 Annual Megawatts for 2014
1Pacific Gas and Electric Company (CA)
1504.5 MWIOU
2Southern California Edison (CA)1043.4 MWIOU
3San Diego Gas & Electric Company (CA)430 MWIOU
4Duke Energy Progress (NC, SC)161.1 MWIOU
5National Grid Massachusetts Electric Co. (MA)123.1 MWIOU
6Arizona Public Service (AZ)91 MWIOU
7Jersey Central Power & Light (NJ)85.7 MWIOU
8Tucson Electric Power Company (AZ)72.9 MWIOU
9NV Energy (NV)70.6 MWIOU
10El Paso Electric Co. (NM, TX)62.9 MWIOU
MW = Megawatt

2013 Winners

Top 10 Watts per Customer for 2013
1Sterling Municipal Light Dept (MA).
830.5 W/CPublic
2San Diego Gas & Electric Company (CA)461.5 W/CIOU
3Silicon Valley Power/City of Santa Clara (CA)426.8 W/CPublic
4Arizona Public Service (AZ)368.1 W/CIOU
5Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. (HI)328.7 W/CIOU
6Pacific Gas and Electric Company (CA)280.6 W/CIOU
7Hawaii Electric Light Company (HI)182.1 W/CIOU
8Maui Electric Company Ltd (HI)177.6 W/CIOU
9Kauai Island Utility Co-op (HI)166.5 W/CCo-op
10Imperial Irrigation District (CA)158.8 W/CPublic
W/C = Watts per customer
Top 10 Annual Megawatts for 2013
1Pacific Gas and Electric Company (CA)
1470.6 MWIOU
2San Diego Gas & Electric Company (CA)642.5 MWIOU
3Arizona Public Service (AZ)416.8 MWIOU
4Southern California Edison (CA)373 MWIOU
5Duke Energy Progress (NC, SC)137.4 MWIOU
6National Grid (MA, RI)111.0 MWIOU
7Public Service Electric & Gas Company (NJ)102.7 MWIOU
8Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. (HI)97.8 MWIOU
9Georgia Power Company (GA)59.0 MWIOU
10Duke Carolinas (NC, SC)57.8 MWIOU
MW = Megawatt

2012 Winners

Top 10 Watts per Customers for 2012
1City of St. Marys Municipal Electric System
562.8 W/CMuni
2Kauai Island Utility Cooperative282.1 W/CCo-op
3Bryan Municipal Utilities275.8 W/CMuni
4Hawaiian Electric Co.219.6 W/CIOU
5Chickasaw Electric Cooperative-TVA216.7 W/CCo-op
6Maui Electric Co.198.3 W/CIOU
7Imperial Irrigation District190.0 W/CMuni
8Tucson Electric Power Co.181.8 W/CIOU
9City of Napoleon/Napoleon Light & Power180.1 W/CMuni
10Vineland Municipal Electric Utility162.2 W/CMuni
W/C = Watts per customer
Top 10 Annual Megawatts for 2012
1Pacific Gas & Electric
805.6 MWIOU
2Southern California Edison194.6 MWIOU
3Muni Service Electric & Gas Co.144.5 MWIOU
4Arizona Muni Service123.5 MWIOU
5NV Energy102.3 MWIOU
6Jersey Central Power & Light98.1 MWIOU
7Tucson Electric Power Co.73.3 MWIOU
8Progress Carolinas69.5 MWIOU
9Sacramento Municipal Utility District65.9 MWIOU
10Hawaiian Electric Co.65.2 MWIOU
MW = Megawatt

2011 Winners

Top 10 Watts per Customers for 2011
1Vineland Municipal Electric Utility
768.5 W/CMuni
2Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Corp. (TVA)192.4 W/CCo-op
3Fayetteville Public Utilities (TVA)147.6 W/CMuni
4Arizona Public Service128.7 W/CIOU
5Xcel Energy-NM115.5 W/CIOU
6Atlantic City Electric Co.114.5 W/CIOU
7Maui Electric Co.100.2 W/CIOU
8Sacramento Municipal Utility District88.5 W/CMuni
9Public Service Electric & Gas Co.85.7 W/CIOU
10Hawaiian Electric Co.82.9 W/CIOU
W/C = Watts per customer
Top 10 Annual Megawatts for 2011
1Pacific Gas & Electric
287.7 MWIOU
2Public Service Electric & Gas Co.181.3 MWIOU
3Arizona Public Service144.4 MWIOU
4Southern California Edison138.5 MWIOU
5Atlantic City Electric Co.61.2 MWIOU
6Jersey Central Power & Light53.0 MWIOU
7Sacramento Municipal Utility District52.8 MWMuni
8Xcel Energy-CO51.3 MWIOU
9Long Island Power Authority46.9 MWMuni
10Xcel Energy-NM45.6 MWIOU
MW = Megawatt

2010 Winners

Top 10 Watts per Customers for 2010
1Silicon Valley Power
39.9 W/CMuni
2Public Service Electric & Gas Co.35.2 W/CIOU
3Hawaiian Electric Co., Inc.33.2 W/CIOU
4Xcel Energy-CO30.9 W/CIOU
5Pacific Gas & Electric30.2 W/CIOU
6Tucson Electric Power Co.29.7 W/CIOU
7Jacksonville Electric Authority-JEA29.1 W/CMuni
8Black Hills Energy Colorado Electric28.2 W/CIOU
9Atlantic City Electric Co.27.9 W/CIOU
10City of Banning27.6 W/CMuni
W/C = Watts per customer
Top 10 Annual Megawatts for 2010
1Pacific Gas & Electric
157.3 W/CIOU
2Florida Power & Light Co.87.2 MWIOU
3Public Service Electric & Gas Co.74.6 MWIOU
4Southern California Edison68.4 MWIOU
5Xcel Energy-CO42.0 MWIOU
6Tri-State G&T Association30.2 MWCo-op
7Arizona Public Service29.9 MWIOU
8San Diego Gas & Electric27.1 MWIOU
9Jersey Central Power & Light22.9 MWIOU
10Duke Energy Carolinas20.8 MWIOU
MW = Megawatt