Cybersecurity Working Group

Our Work

The Cybersecurity Working Group is a SEPA member Working Group focused on identifying and addressing cybersecurity-specific gaps and challenges in the electric sector .

  • Providing recommended security requirements that may be used by strategists, designers, implementers, and operators of the modern grid, in their job functions at utilities, equipment manufacturers and for guidance to regulators).
  • Identifying and clearly describing privacy risks and concerns with developed or emerging interoperability standards for the modern grid, and then determining the most appropriate and feasible practices for mitigating the risks.
  • Identifying cybersecurity-specific gaps and challenges. Where possible, the Cybersecurity Working Group collaborates with other groups (e.g., National Electric Sector Cybersecurity Organization Resource (NESCOR, EPRI, etc.) to help address the identified gaps.
  • Assessing proposed standards and requirements for adoption into the SEPA Catalog of Standards.
  • Developing cybersecurity and privacy resources that can benefit the electric sector.

The Cybersecurity Working Group and its members are pioneers in the development of NISTIR 7628 standards for Smart Grid Cybersecurity. The group currently works closely with NIST, Dept of Energy and various electrical utilities in the United States and Canada.

The key interests of the Cybersecurity Working Group members are as follows:

  • Cybersecurity aspects of utility operations including generation, transmission, distribution, AMI, and operational technologies
  • Cybersecurity issues relating to Industrial Internet and OpenFMB
  • Cybersecurity standards relating to smart grids
  • Privacy issues related to smart grid operations
  • Use of NIST Cyber Security Frameworks and DoE Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model in utilities

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Member Chair: Nelson Hastings (NIST)
Member Vice Chair: Vacant
Staff Lead: Aaron Smallwood (SEPA)
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