Cybersecurity Working Group

Our Work

Utility professionals face the perpetually growing challenge of balancing security with practicality in an environment of increasing vulnerability and cyber attacks that are growing in both scale and sophistication.

The Cybersecurity Working Group brings together experts to identify and address the gaps and challenges to ensuring the security of their data and connected hardware by developing new implementation strategies;  new standards for grid operators and manufacturers for adoption into the SEPA Catalog of Standards as well as key industry groups such as National Electric Sector Cybersecurity Organization Resource, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Department of Energy, and a coalition of US and Canadian utilities; and to create reference cyber security policies for utilities and regulators.  

The Cybersecurity Working Group and its members are pioneers in the development of NISTIR 7628 standards for Smart Grid Cybersecurity.

  • Meeting Schedule: Monthly Conference Call/Webinar
  • Member Chair: Ahmed Mousa, PSEG
  • Member Vice Chair: Vacant
  • Staff Lead: Aaron Smallwood (SEPA)

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