Electric Vehicle Working Group

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With sales in electric vehicles increasing year over year, an electrified transportation system integrated with utility operations has the potential to drive new revenue growth, customer engagement, and demand response applications. But prevailing questions remain regarding how utilities and vendors can get engaged from the outset to help shape this burgeoning market.

The Electric Vehicle Working Group focuses on the role of utilities in the deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) by identifying trends, business models, and strategies to roll out ‘smart’ charging infrastructure. The group tracks trends and examines opportunities for light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty vehicle classes, fleet vehicles, and charging infrastructure.

  • Meeting Schedule: Monthly Conference Call/Webinar
  • Member Co-Chair: Olivier Pincon (ZappyRide)
  • Staff Leads: Garrett Fitzgerald

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You can access or join the working group at groups.sepapower.org.

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