Electromagnetic Interoperability Issues (EMII) Sub-Group

Our Work

The EMII investigates opportunities to enhance the immunity of Smart Grid devices and systems to the detrimental effects of natural and manmade electromagnetic interference.  The goal of the EMII Sub-Group is to develop strategies to implement effective electromagnetic compatibility for smart grid devices. This effort includes identifying appropriate standards, testing needs and conformity assessment in coordination with electric sector stakeholders including industry utilities, manufactures of Smart Grid devices, EMC experts, standards development organizations (SDOs), and trade associations.

The activities of the EMII sub-group are a part of the Testing and Certification Working group’s efforts to validate conformance and interoperability of Smart Grid devices. The EMII subgroup focuses on developing recommended testing procedures that are able to determine the ability of devices connected to the power grid to withstand this environment.

The EMII’s publications can be found in the SEPA Technical Reference Library.

Get Involved

Member Chair: Don Heirman (ACIL)

You can access or join the working group at groups.sepapower.org.

For information contact Don Heirman at [email protected]; or by phone at +1 732.741.7723