Microgrids Working Group

Our Work

Combining onsite generation with end user efficiency, demand reduction, “smart grid” and energy storage capabilities with advanced information, communications and control technologies, microgrids can provide a resource-efficient “systems” approach for optimizing local energy and increase system resiliency and reliability. Despite the promise of microgrid technology, it poses significant technical, economic,  regulatory, planning, challenges resulting from the need to coordinate a vast array of information and equipment the needs to be seamlessly integrated into the larger grid.

The working group seeks to identify new business models, explore regulatory and financial innovations, address gaps in standards, define use cases that drive new system requirements  and share experiences and best practices to help the energy industry stakeholders assess and implement microgrids.

  • Meeting Schedule: Monthly Conference Call/Webinar
  • Member Chair: Gary Brinkworth, Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Member Vice Chair: Larisa Dobriansky, General MicroGrids
  • Staff Lead: Jared Leader, SEPA
  • SEPA Group Staff: Mac Keller


Get Involved

You can access or join the working group at groups.sepapower.org.

For more information, contact [email protected]