Solar Asset Management and Operations and Maintenance Working Group

Our Work

SEPA’s Solar Asset Management and Operations and Maintenance Working Group is a utility-only working group exclusively for solar asset owners and operators. The working group was formed to engage industry stakeholders and evaluate available resources, as well as advise SEPA staff as they execute on the organization’s expansion of its mission to help facilitate the transition to a smart energy economy.
The working group seeks to:

  • Provide utilities with a focused environment to share problems and solutions
  • Serve as a dedicated platform for utilities to connect with each other
  • Target research that directly benefits those involved in the working group
  • Working group activities may include:
    • At least quarterly calls and meetings
    • Sharing of industry perspectives and insights
    • Providing input on relevant research and other outputs
    • Assisting in webinar, conference session, and workshop development

Additional Information:

SEPA, along with Garnet3 Consulting, created the “Effective Asset Management: Serving Solar and Energy Storage Projects,” available here. This information is for utility asset managers who may be new to solar, non-traditional potential solar asset owners, and other solar asset decision-makers who need foundation understanding of the value in holistic asset management.

Get Involved

The SEPA Solar Asset Management Working Group is limited to SEPA utility members.
Member Chair: Vacant
Member Vice Chair: Vacant
Staff Lead: Daisy Chung (SEPA)
For more information on how to join, contact Daisy Chung at

To join the Community Solar Working Group, please visit the group’s community site, login to your SEPA member account, and click the “Get Involved” button on the right.