Testing and Certification Working Group

Our Work

The Testing and Certification Working Group is tasked with developing and facilitating a testing and certification framework to support the implementation of Smart Grid interoperability standards. Conformance to standards is viewed as a key enabler and accelerator of interoperability – and testing programs are a means to validating conformance and interoperability, which in turn provides confidence to the purchaser that systems and devices will integrate and operate. Testing and certification programs are extensively used in many industries as a key part of the technology evaluation and selection process, and this working group is engaged in defining the foundation for interoperability testing for the modern grid so that new technologies can more effectively scale.

The foundational piece of the Testing and Certification Working Group’s testing and certification framework is the Interoperability Process Reference Manual (IPRM). The group defined recommendations based on these cross-industry best practices in the IPRM that has been approved as an ANSI/NEMA standard. In addition, the group is actively working to educate the Smart Grid community on the value of testing and certification.

Get Involved

Member Chair: Cuong Nguyen (NIST)
Member Vice Chair: Don Heirman (ACIL)
Staff Lead: Aaron Smallwood (SEPA)
For information or to get involved, contact asmallwood@sepapower.org