Testing and Certification Working Group

Our Work

Conformance to standards is viewed as a key enabler and accelerator of interoperability – and testing programs are a means to validating conformance and interoperability, which in turn provides confidence to the purchaser that systems and devices will integrate and operate.  The Testing and Certification Working Group works to develop and facilitate a testing and certification frameworks, educate the industry the value of testing, and shares best practices.

Included in this effort are the activities of the Electromagnetic Interoperability Issues (EMII) Sub-Group. The EMII investigates opportunities to enhance the immunity of Smart Grid devices and systems to the detrimental effects of natural and manmade electromagnetic interference and suggest tests to determine the ability of devices connected to the power grid to withstand this environment.


  • Meeting Schedule: Monthly Conference Call/Webinar
  • Member Chair: Cuong Nguyen (NIST)
  • Member Vice Chair: Don Heirman (ACIL)
  • Staff Lead: Daisy Chung (SEPA)

Get Involved

You can access or join the working group at groups.sepapower.org.

For information or to get involved, contact [email protected]