Transactive Energy Working Group

Our Work

The Transactive Energy Working Group is focused on developing tools and techniques that advance the understanding and application of transactive energy within the electric sector.
Transactive energy is a term used to describe a range of next-generation approaches to managing the grid. The GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC) defines transactive energy broadly as “a system of economic and control mechanisms that allows the dynamic balance of supply and demand across the entire electrical infrastructure using value as a key operational parameter.” Retail markets and locational pricing are examples of transactive energy. Key system objectives include: integration of distributed energy resources (DER) with an emphasis on distribution-level operations and integration of behind-the-meter customer DER (including demand flexibility); coordination of resources to improve system efficiency; providing grid ancillary services including ramping and balancing; and management of congestion.

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Member Chair: Mark Knight (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Member Vice Chair: David Holmberg (NIST)
Staff Lead: David Hardin (SEPA)
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