2014 Germany Fact Finding Mission

September 14 - 18, 2014
6 days
Dusseldorf, Germany

Our Fact Finding Missions are the best resource for hands-on experience with solar technologies, programs, and policies.

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September 14-18, 2014 | Dusseldorf, Germany


Why did we go?

In September, SEPA led a group of approximately 25 U.S. energy industry executives to the bellwether energy market of Germany to exchange information with electricity and solar market leaders who are adapting to change in this dynamic and controversial environment.


What was addressed?

  • What are the objectives of the Energy Transition, and have the selected policies been effective in meeting those objectives?
  • What unanticipated impacts have emerged and how are they being addressed?
  • What new business models can help electric utilities to adapt and grow in a market with significant distributed generation penetration and declining revenue?
  • What tools are needed to cost-effectively shift from a traditional fuel mix to a greater renewable resource mix without sacrificing reliability?
  • Who has developed a successful roadmap for energy company transition?


A select group of executives met with energy industry peers, retuning with insights and practical knowledge that can be applied to planning and business decisions in the U.S. The trip featured face-to-face meetings with thought leaders and decision-makers from the electric utility, transmission and renewable energy industries; government, trade and industry associations and market experts.

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Karen Butterfield

It’s an invaluable business networking and learning experience that is very hard to find anywhere else.

- Karen Butterfield, Chief Commercial Officer, Stem

View the 2014 event program with itinerary details.