2017 Grid Evolution Summit – A National Town Meeting

July 25 - 27, 2017
Washington, DC
Conference Technical Program: July 25 & 28th

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and build the clean energy future?

Grid Evolution Summit isn’t like other “electricity of the future” conferences. An attendee at this conference isn’t a passive participant listening to speakers — you’re a critical member of the team and you’re here to plan out a smart and clean electric future. Discover all the ways you’ll become a key player in electric innovation.



Put yourself in the thick of the discussion. As an attendee, you will spend your entire first day immersed in roundtable discussions on hot industry topics such as the future customer, how technology providers can take a leading role in grid modernization, how utilities can future-proof their business models, and where regulators will fit in a future grid.


Unique Education and Conversations

From in-depth educational sessions to unique networking opportunities, you will be discussing the issues that keep you and other industry players awake at night including: cybersecurity, rethinking rate design, future C&I best practices, revenue diversification, consumer data, DER valuation and more.


Hands-On Working Sessions

You won’t see this at other conferences — people crowded around tables talking directly with each other to tackle ideas, shape future research, and make recommendations that will shape the path of grid modernization.

Grid Evolution Summit
By The Numbers

Sometimes numbers speak louder than words. So we have done all the hard work for you. Here is the value delivered by the Grid Evolution Summit in hard numbers.

Download full infographic

Need to convince someone of why the Grid Evolution Summit — A National Town Meeting, is a great conference to attend? We made that easy too.

Download the Grid Evolution Summit Justification Document, fill it out and send it to your boss or colleague.

Ways To Save Money On Your Registration

If your company sends five or more people, you’ll save on the registration price for each attendee. If you have questions about the group registration discount, email Charisse Raysor at craysor@sepapower.org.

Great mix of policy and technical content. Influential attendees and presenters. Great networking opportunity.

- Principal Consultant, Smart Grid Consulting Firm