2023 SEPA Working Groups Virtual Open House

November 13 - 16, 2023
2023 SEPA Working Groups Virtual Open House

SEPA Working Groups Virtual Open House

We are excited to invite you to our Working Group Virtual Open House, where you can meet your fellow peers and learn more about the incredible communities within your SEPA membership.

This open house is a great opportunity to connect with your colleagues and gain insights into the different working group communities that help SEPA members thrive. You will hear from your peers who are actively involved in these groups, as they share their experiences and the positive impact they will have on contributing to the groups’ 2024 goals.


  • Who are the movers and shakers? An introduction to the Working Group.
  • How does the group help transition the energy industry to carbon-free? Goals, objectives and missions.
  • What resources are available to you? Key collaborations and discussion topics supported by the group.
  • Q&A Session

Session 1 – Empowering Utility Transformation: Customer Programs, Energy Storage, EVs, and Microgrids Working Groups
Monday, November 13 | 2 – 3:30 PM

Join us for an exciting event where we explore the intersection of Customer Programs, Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles (EV), and Microgrids. Discover how these four working groups are shaping and electrifying the future grid.

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Session 2 –  Shaping a Clean Energy Future: Grid Architecture and Transactive Energy
Tuesday, November 14 | 2 – 3:15 PM

Dive into the heart of innovation at our open house. Learn about the latest developments in Grid Architecture and Transactional Energy, and how they are transforming the energy landscape with intention and a clear vision.

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Session 3 – Ensuring Performance: Testing and Certification for a Connected Future
Wednesday, November 15 | 3 – 3:45 PM

Join us as we showcase how Testing & Certification ensures standardization and reliability in the products and systems that shape our grid. See how this working group helps maintain quality through emphasis on interoperability.

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Session 4 – Safeguarding Progress: Cybersecurity for a Modernized Grid
Thursday, November 16 | 3 – 3:45 PM

Protecting our developing grid is top priority. Join our Cybersecurity Open House to discover the critical role played by major cybersecurity developments in ensuring the integrity of connected systems.

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If you have questions, please contact [email protected]


Working Group Topics


Customer Programs working group

Staff: Rusty Haynes, Carolyn Dougherty
Chairs: Alaric Babej (PNM), Kathleen Nickerson (3Degrees)

Focuses on innovative clean-energy programs that expand customer choice and help utilities and customers reduce carbon emissions. These include community solar, 24/7 carbon-free energy, subscription and leasing programs, behind-the-meter DER programs, and demand-response programs. Secondary topics include innovative utility partnerships with solution providers, pilot programs, equity issues and customer engagement. Group discussions and activities explore industry innovation, lessons learned, and opportunities.


Staff: Aaron Smallwood
Chairs: Ahmed Mousa (PSEG)

Pinpoints gaps/challenges ensuring the security of data and connected hardware through developing implementation strategies, manufacturing & operating standards (for SEPA’s Catalog of Standards candidacy), and creates CoS policy reference materials for utilities and regulators.

Electric vehicle
Staff: Drake Morgan, Garrett Fitzgerald
Chairs: Olivier Pincon (ZappyRide), Raj Diwan (EV Pathway)

Focuses on utilities’ role in deployment of EVs, smart charging infrastructure trends, business models, & strategies. Tracks & examines opportunities in all vehicle classes, fleet vehicles, & corresponding charging infrastructure.

Energy Storage

Staff: Kate Strickland, Weston Dengler
Chair: Carlos Restrepo (Sion Power)

Experienced utilities & industry solution providers explore energy storage to identify challenges & disseminate best practices.

Grid architecture
Staff: Rhaman Johnson, Nina Weller
Ron Cunningham (AEP), Ron Melton (PNNL)Provides electric sector, thought leadership in discipline of grid architecture & related-field of IT enterprise architecture. Solid grid architecture mitigates uncertainties & risk, resulting in a flexible & adaptable grid.

Staff: Jared Leader, Mac Keller
Chair: Gary Brinkworth (TVA) / Vice-Chair: Larisa Dobriansky (General Microgrids)

Seeks to identify new business models, explore regulatory & financial innovations, address standards gaps, define use cases driving new system requirements; share experiences & best practices to help the energy industry stakeholders.

Testing and certification

Staff: Aaron Smallwood, Rhaman Johnson
Cuong Nguyen (ABB E-Mobility) / Rosanna R. Kallio (Consumers Energy)

Develops & facilitates testing & certification frameworks for smart grid standards, educating industry of testing value & sharing best practices.

Transactive energy

Staff: Cynthia Hunt-Jaehne, Sarah LeBarron
Chair: Trevor Hardy (PNNL)

Develops tools & techniques advancing understanding & application of TE concepts to enable high penetrations of DERs supported by intelligent economic market structures, standards, & regulations.

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