SEPA Basic Training

Carbon Capture and Storage Basic Training

September 26, 2024
2 - 4 pm EST
Carbon Capture and Storage Basic Training

Seats are limited to ensure all questions are answered.

This two-hour training will discuss the need for carbon capture and storage, as well as the potential for utilization of recovered carbon in other applications. We will examine the topic of global carbon budgets, the projected path to limiting climatic change to 1.5 degrees Celsius, and the significant potential role carbon capture may play in the ongoing transition of global energy economies. This is a perfect option for industry professionals and regulatory staff who want a solid, basic understanding of this subject and how it fits into the energy landscape. 

Attendees will:

  • Outline the chief carbon capture technologies in the marketplace today, and examine how these technologies work and the underlying rationales.
  • Explore the related technical challenges and opportunities, and the economic context, including the policy and subsidy landscape.
  • Highlight projects and use cases, identify the key players and companies currently active in the field, and address the potential future(s) for carbon capture and storage in the decades to come.

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