SEPA Bootcamp

Distributed Energy Resources Fundamentals

March 26 - 28, 2024
Distributed Energy Resources Fundamentals

DER Fundamentals | 3-Part Series

See what attendees of our recent bootcamps with Peter Kelly-Detwiler have to say:

“As a professional working in this area, I found this course to be of extraordinary value. Where else do you find such an amazing speaker as Peter, who is well-versed in all aspects of EV and Distributed Energy Resources? Peter is up to date with all the issues in this area.”
– Paula McGarrigle, President, and CEO, Solas Energy Consulting Canada

“…I wanted to express my gratitude for the bootcamp—I found it extremely valuable, and I really enjoyed learning from Peter. Thank you again!”
– Avery McEvoy, Senior Associate, Carbon-Free Electricity at RMI

  • Session 1: Making the case for DERs – Uncover what current system conditions make DERs necessary, why they are increasingly important, and how they function in the marketplace.
  • Session 2: Identifying and qualifying resources – Discover the residential and commercial DER technologies in use, cyber-security concerns, and more.
  • Session 3: Resource planning and optimization – Learn about the regulatory framework that governs DER behavior and compensation and maximizing the benefits of DERs.

Seats are limited to ensure all questions are answered.

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