SEPA Basic Training

Distributed Energy Resources Basic Training

April 4 - 4, 2023
Distributed Energy Resources Basic Training

Seats are limited to 70 individuals to ensure all questions are answered.

Learn about the opportunities and promise of distributed energy resources. This course will examine the economics and various use cases for DERs for the customer, the distribution utility, and the competitive bulk power system. Learn more about the various DER technologies and how they can be harnessed to create value with SEPA Distributed Energy Resources Basic Training. Whereas the DERs Bootcamp was a deep dive into this topic, Basic Training will focus on shorter, higher-level content.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this two-hour training:

Hour 1 – Explaining the Basics

  • Making the Case for DERs
  • Identifying and Qualifying the Resources

Hour 2 – DER Resource Planning and Optimization

  • Planning Considerations
  • Policy and Rate Structures
  • Emerging Grid Architecture

We will discuss how to value and integrate DERs into distribution ecosystems and power markets, the policy landscape, as well as the future enabling grid architectures.

See the full course outline.

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