Staff Speaking Engagement

eLab Accelerator 2020 Mini-Conference #1

July 9, 2020
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. MDT
eLab Accelerator 2020 Mini-Conference #1

Welcome to eLab Accelerator!

eLab Accelerator is a project bootcamp, an invitation-only series of working meetings to accelerate high-impact, innovative, and scalable projects in the electricity system. Trained facilitators and technical experts will lead your team through effective collaborative processes, and provide customized topical coaching, targeted training, and tailored feedback to support each team’s unique project. Project support in 2020 is happening virtually between May and September.

All elements of eLab’s Accelerator are designed to advance the ground-breaking work of your teams and to support you with the insights, connections, and inspiration needed to succeed. This July 9th Accelerator mini-conference is provided as an opportunity to meet eLab faculty and others experts within the eLab Network, as they share insights on topics that are critical to the energy transition.

Faculty and RMI staff will participate in hosted conversations on the following themes, with time for open dialogue with Accelerator participants:

  • Ambitious goals for clean energy: both feasible and more critical now than ever
  • Performance-Based Regulation (PBR)
  • Insights on Utility Innovation from a customer, regulator, and utility perspective
  • Planning for equity in the clean energy transition
  • We ask that the teams plan for at least one team member to be in attendance at each of the sessions, to ensure the information shared is brought back to the project team and can inform their work.

Please register to attend mini-conference #1 and confirm your participation in Accelerator 2020. eLab will email attendees the detailed agenda and Zoom logins upon validation.