SEPA Bootcamp

Electrification of Transportation Fundamentals

July 16 - 18, 2024
2 - 4:20 pm EDT
Electrification of Transportation Fundamentals

Electrification of Transportation Fundamentals

3 days. 7 hours.

See what attendees of our recent bootcamps with Peter Kelly-Detwiler have to say:

“As a professional working in this area, I found this course to be of extraordinary value. Where else do you find such an amazing speaker as Peter, who is well-versed in all aspects of EV and Distributed Energy Resources? Peter is up to date with all the issues in this area.”
– Paula McGarrigle, President, and CEO, Solas Energy Consulting Canada

“…I wanted to express my gratitude for the bootcamp—I found it extremely valuable, and I really enjoyed learning from Peter. Thank you again!”
– Avery McEvoy, Senior Associate, Carbon-Free Electricity at RMI

  • Session 1: Making the case for electric vehicles – Discuss the inherent advantages of electric vehicles, and why they are being promoted by policymakers and utilities
  • Session 2: Addressing the critical issues for success – Explain issues related to range and battery technologies, charging networks, and implications of increased electricity consumption
  • Session 3: Charting the path forward – Review emerging business models in the U.S. and abroad, evolving battery and charging technologies, and discuss the growing potential for vehicle-to-grid applications

This course will help you understand the critical elements of EVs –including evolving battery technologies, critical planning issues, business models, and regulatory issues. It will discuss how the approach to charging (and potentially discharging) electric vehicles is essential to the future evolution of the grid and how EVs will interact with wholesale markets, distribution utilities, and end users.

Seats are limited to ensure all questions are answered

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