SEPA Bootcamp

Electrification of Transportation Fundamentals

October 18 - 20, 2022
2 - 4:20 pm EDT
Electrification of Transportation Fundamentals

Electrification of Transportation Fundamentals

Seats are available first-come-first-serve to the first 50 professionals to ensure an interactive environment. 

October 18 | Making the Case for Electric Vehicles
Discuss the inherent advantages of electric vehicles, and why they are being promoted by policymakers and utilities
October 19 | Addressing the Critical Issues for Success
Explain issues related to range and battery technologies, charging networks, and implications of increased electricity consumption
October 20 | Charting the Path Forward
Review emerging business models in the U.S. and abroad, evolving battery and charging technologies, and discuss the growing potential for vehicle-to-grid applications

3 days. 7 hours. 50 seats available.

Understanding distributed energy resources (DERs) is critical to succeeding in an ever-changing energy sector, racing towards a carbon-free future. If you find yourself turning to search engines more often than you would like or you need to know how DERs fit into the modern energy market, join SEPA for a small online class. In the first of three parts, you’ll discover what current system conditions make DERs necessary, why they are increasingly important, and how they function in the marketplace.

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