SEPA Basic Training

Energy Storage Basic Training – On-Demand

June 6 - 6, 2023
Energy Storage Basic Training – On-Demand

Energy Storage Basic Training

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Seats are limited to 70 individuals to ensure all questions are answered.

Learn more about the opportunities and promise of energy storage. This course will examine the various use cases for storage across the entire utility ecosystem, from the grid edge, to the distribution utility to the bulk power system run by grid operators.  Whereas the Energy Storage Bootcamp was a deep dive into this topic, Basic Training will focus on shorter, higher-level content. This is a perfect option for industry professionals and regulatory staff who want a solid, basic understanding of this subject and how it fits into the energy landscape. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this two-hour training:

Hour 1 – Explaining the Basics

  • Making a Case for Energy Storage
  • Identifying and Qualifying the Resources

Hour 2 – Resource Planning and Optimization

  • Planning Considerations
  • Policy and Rate Structures
  • Emerging Grid Architecture

We will discuss the reasons for the primacy of lithium ion batteries in today’s storage markets, and the performance characteristics of lithium-ion as compared with other technologies. We will also discuss the likely migration path from today’s predominantly short-duration storage technologies to longer duration applications, including flow batteries, thermal storage, iron-air, and hydrogen.

View the full course outline here.

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