Introduction to System Operations

April 27 - 28, 2017
8:30am - 4:30pm
2 days
Tucson, AZ
Introduction to System Operations

This event is now closed.

A chance to learn about grid operations and transmission from the experts.

Tucson Electric Power will host a two-day training providing an exceptional introduction to electric system operations.  This event features an experienced instructor from the Western Electric Coordinating Council and will start with the fundamentals of electricity before diving into the elements of the power system (generation, transmission and distribution) and power system operations.  Regardless of your NERC region – this training will provide valuable insight into grid operations. This is an excellent course for newer utility personnel or any partner to a utility that could benefit from a deeper understanding of our electric system and operations.

Course Description

The Introduction to System Operations begins with a history of the Western Interconnection and the fundamentals of electricity. With a foundation of history and electricity basics, the balance of the class focuses on the elements of a power system (generation to transmission to distribution), and the principles of power system operations.

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Introduction to WECC

Fundamentals of electricity

Power system overview

Principles of generation

Substation overview


Power transmission

System protection

Principles of system operation

Why You Should Attend

This 2-day class is designed for entry level personnel or anyone who needs an
in-depth understanding of overall power system operations.

For utility employees, this training is a great opportunity for new and junior employees to learn from the best about the fundamentals of our grid.

For utility partners, this is a great opportunity to gain the knowledge you need to be a trusted partner to your utility customers. Use the knowledge from this course to demonstrate your understanding of their operating environment and pain points.

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