Meeting the Plug and Play DER Challenge

February 14, 2019
11:00 AM PST/ 2:00 PM EST
60 minutes
Meeting the Plug and Play DER Challenge

Cost Saving and Simplifying Interoperability Solutions

Our expert speakers will share their Visionary Energy Services Interface (ESI) concepts and explain how they can reduce the cost and complexity of distributed energy resource (DER) integration for utilities, product and service providers, and asset owners and managers. We invite audience members to share their real-world challenges that could be solved with these ESI concepts.

Why are these solutions important to the electric sector?

Utilities – Interoperability solutions will make it easier for utilities to add new DERs to their system.

Corporations and Solution Providers – Electric sector Industry professionals can keep on top of any changes these solutions will bring to the standards that they need to follow.

Join us as we dive into the solutions developed as a part of the Plug and Play DER Challenge that falls into SEPA’s Grid Integration Pathway.  Download the Plug & Play Phase 1 Final Submissions.

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