Utilities & Electric Vehicles: Case Studies from the Field

August 31, 2017
11 am PST/ 2 pm EST
60 Minutes
Utilities & Electric Vehicles: Case Studies from the Field

Electric vehicles (EVs) are quickly becoming one of the largest flexible loads on the grid. Innovative utilities are experimenting with new business models and programs to incentivize their customers to purchase EVs and charge during optimal times of the day. While EVs are not creating issues today in most regions, as EV penetration expands, the charging profile of these vehicles may create impacts on the grid without proper management. The challenge for utilities will be to smooth the charging load, while leveraging the vehicles to absorb excess renewable energy production and minimize peak impacts via managed charging.

Join SEPA, Maui Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Austin Energy, as we expand upon SEPA’s April 2017 report, “Utilities and Electric Vehicles: The case for managed charging.” During this high level overview of electric vehicle (EV) activities from around the country, our experts will address: utility decision-making processes, lessons learned, and outcomes from individual pilot, demonstration, and full-scale program implementations that include components of managed charging.

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